David Henry, Vice President & General Manager / Magnetic Products talks with Live On Line NEWS as they roll out the new ZIPcd product at COMDEX in Las Vegas.


Heather Hawkins
of SEGA, explores new frontiers of the online gaming industry with Live On Line NEWS.


Discover what Iomega has to offer!

Live On Line NEWS provided listeners with great NEWS about prices dropping on iomega's Zip drives. There are more than 22 millions Zip drives in use.



The Rocket has Landed
About the size of a paperback, the Rocket eBook™ holds nearly 4,000 pages of words and images. That's about 10 novels. Weighing just 22 ounces, the Rocket eBook nestles easily in the curve of your palm. And it goes wherever you go, so you can take off in any direction and never be far from what you want or need to read. If you've already bought books online, you know how easy it is. The Rocket eBook propels online buying into fast forward - from easy online ordering to instantly receiving them.

Live On Line NEWS enjoyed chatting with Martin F. Eberhard, CEO of NuvoMedia, discovering the future of electronic publishing.

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