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Today, like never before, you are just a click away from just about anything you are looking for. The Net has redefined business, games and information gathering. How do you sort through it all to find the best the Web has to offer? Live On Line NEWS provides complete coverage on important issues, innovative and useful products and applications and explains them through insightful interviews with top industry professions. In a world of rapid, innovative change, there is only one radio talk show that provides NEWS on how the Internet affects your life. Join host Barry Diamond as he de-mystifies the rapid pace of the Internet and sorts through the market hype to deliver precise and objective opinions on the World Wide Web.

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More and more businesses and consumers are getting "un-wired" these days. Many believe that the future of broadband Internet access lies in the airwaves and not in a hard wired last mile solution. The place to find out about the latest in wireless technology was the Broadband Wireless World conference in San Diego this week. See where the keynote speakers of this event, including Tim Downs, Editor, Broadband Wireless Business Magazine and John Muleta, Bureau Chief of wireless communications for the FCC, feel the industry is going.

Barry Diamond, our host and CEO of Internet Express, a nationwide ISP, shares his views on the problem of spam to the general public and the ISP community.

Doing business in the 2nd millenium with one of the worlds largest companies; Microsoft. Robert McDowell, VP of Enterprise Business Relationships talks about what it takes to partner with Microsoft and what is necessary to be successful in the fast paced, technological world we live in.

Always on broadband Internet connections are great, but the nature of an always on connection is like leaving the front door of your house open unless you have protection. Firewalls - hardware or software based devices that restrict outside entry to your computer, are essential for protecting your data from prying eyes. Frederick Feldman, Vice President of Marketing for Zone Labs talks about firewall solutions available today including his ZoneAlarm firewall, the number one downloaded software of the year 2000.

Live Online NEWS welcomes Tracie Monk, President & CEO of CAIMIS. Her company developed a bandwidth "traffic cop" for Internet Providers and large enterprise business with a serious Web presence. CAIMIS was one of the few companies chosen to attend Springboard 2001, an investor forum for women entrepreneurs.

An online community focusing on the needs of seniors, provides a valuable service to the community. Scotty Kufus, Co-Founder and CEO of, gives his views on what retired individuals are looking for online.

In the competitive landscape of the Internet, it is imperative to have a good grasp on what makes a Website tick and how to utilize critical applications. Robert Putrus, CEO of Enterprise Solutions Group, shares his insights with Live Online NEWS.

Eric Hartz, President and CEO of Zapmedia, tells Live Online NEWS about his company, poised to define the technology of multi media convergence. Their roll out of the Zapmedia Zapstation coincides with corporate alliances with MP3, Earthlink and Harmon Kardon.

Guy L. Standing, Director of Sales and Marketing for Phonex Broadband, tells Live Online NEWS about the future of home interconnectivity. No longer do you need to run expensive cabling throughout your home, just plug their devices into standard outlets to get all of your computers connected to each other and to the WWW.

Michael Isgrig, VP of Marketing of One Voice Technologies, tells Live Online NEWS where the future of home control systems is going. Now you can call into your home from anywhere in the world to turn on and off lights, AV systems, heat and other systems.

James Z. Carol, CEO and Co-Founder of Packet Video, is bringing the world of multimedia to the world's portable devices. PDA's, cell phones, etc. can now recieve rich media content from just about anywhere.

The hottest movies to see... Live Online Hollywood review with J. Sperling Reich of When it comes to the silver screen, Sperling has the insight on the what's hot and what's not. Join Live Online News as we take a look at the box office hits that you and your family can enjoy.

Robert Mankoff, cartoonist and Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker, delights our audience with jokes and cartoons that grace the pages of The New Yorker each week --with particular emphasis on cartoons that go to the comic heart of the world of business, finance and investing.
Amuse yourself with free cartoons from The New Yorker!

Internet Cool Guide has one clear-cut mission: to provide Web users with a quick, easy tool to find the best Web sites. Rula Razek, Creative Director and Editor In Chief, an expert on all things Internet, from the best Web sites to the hottest trends talks with Live Online News about the shopping sites that will help you find that special gift for this holiday season.

The World's Largest Multiplatform Gaming Magazine Celebrating it's tenth year, GamePro magazine reaches over 3.4 million readers every month and is the fifth largest male teen magazine in the United States. Wes Nihei, Vice President/Editor-in-Chief, GamePro Magazine & let's us know what the hottiest games are this holiday season.

Steve Salter, Director, BBBOnLine Reliability & Privacy Program, tells all about how the BBB Online is developing new online consumer protection initiatives that promote the growth of ecommerce.

Jeff Bergman, a classically trained chef, has been a force in the Northwest regional, national, and international food scene for over two decades. Jeff feels that this appreciation of superior ingredients is what separates good food from GREAT food the unknown secret of great European country cuisine that seems to elude most Americans. His site will allow you to shop online for ALL your culinary needs.

Gail Janensch, Director at Greenfield Online talks about the effects of retailing: Is it easier to spend money online? Will we stop shopping in stores? What are the growth and trend projections of shopping online from Greefield Online. All this and more in our ongoing series of eShopping.

Kevin Trilli, Senior Product Manager, Internet Services - Internet Security: Informs Live Onlinen listeners about security when shopping. Learn what that secure socket symbol does and what that symbol means to consumers when shopping online?

Jeremy Caplan, Senior Associate Editor talks with Live Online News about their E-Shopping Guide, the 20 Best & Worse Net Shopping Sites, 10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Online, Last Minute Gifts Galore and the most incredibly Useful Buying Services online.

Lori Kramer recaps the gabfest of the century with Live Online News. The first ever Gossip Summit, hosted by Richard Johnson, Joanna Molloy, George Rush and Lori Kramer featured a who's who of the country's best gossip columnists.

Brian Yui, CEO of explains how by using, homebuyers could receive a rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of their new home. A typical residential real estate commission totals 6% for the sale of a house (3% to the listing agent and 3% to the selling agent). will provide a rebate to the buyer of between 1% and 2% of the home’s purchase price, depending on the level of service provided to the buyer.

Bill Sell - Vice President, General Manager COMDEX/Fall recaps the largest computer convention from Las Vegas with Live Online News. Learn what the hottest gadgets and technology are that will be coming your way.

Dr. Cheryl Shavers of the U.S. Dept of Commerce talks with Live Online news about the direction of the new economy and how the Internet is influencing our lives. Listen to her explain the trends and projections of the Internet and how the U.S. Dept of Commerce is impacting the issues of the digital divide.

Gretchen Rivas of Microsoft introduces the new Windows Me, the latest version of the Microsoft operating system designed specifically for the home user. It improves the home computing experience by delivering enhancements in the areas of PC health, digital media, home networking, and the online experience.

Some of the greatest innovations and computer toys can be found at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas. Live On Line NEWS co-host, Barry Diamond gives you a tour of some of the highlights of Comdex 2000.

Dave Schaeffer, Founder & CEO of Cogent Communications describes how they are changing the face of the Internet. Radically. The service: 100 Mbps of non-oversubscribed, unlimited Internet access. Live Online NEWS gets the story behind this technology that is increasing the speed of the Internet and allowing you to access the World Wide Web at speeds never seen.

Is your presence on the Web critical? Peter Ulander, Director of Product Marketing at Cobalt Networks joins Live On Line NEWS to share with us the importance of a computer exclusively dedicated to you for your e-commerce or high traffic Website.

Jim Getzinger, Vice President of Marketing of MIVA, talks with Live Online NEWS about eCommerce - A leading provider of e-commerce software to small and medium-sized businesses. Known as the "high velocity e-commerce company," Miva provides merchants and developers with the information and technology they need to be successful.

Gretchen Rivas from Microsoft talks with Live On Line NEWS about online safety - tips to parents regarding their kids surfing the Internet, how to tell if a Web site is safe, and how is Microsoft educating parents and teachers.

By the end of this year, there will be approximately 60 million people age 55 and older, yet only 9.1 million seniors will be online (15 percent). Les Ottolenghi, CEO and co-founder of AgentWare has started a program with a Marriott assisted living community to teach seniors about the Internet, such as e-mail, medical research, and privacy issues. "Studies have shown that e-mail and the Internet can help senior citizens overcome what are termed the four plagues of institutionalized elders: loneliness, boredom, helplessness and the decline of mental skills while at the same time stimulating mental activity,"

Discover the newest tools for developing that all-important single view of your multi-channel customer. Learn new approaches for maintaing a solid supply chain and ensuring fulfillment as we re-cap the Conference with Pam Rucker of The National Retail Federation.

Bye-bye. Big Spenders: Say hello to tight budgets-But be careful not to squeeze too hard. Live On Line NEWS talks with Senior Editor of Internet World, Ruhan Memishi about the rise and fall of companies. Internet companies are now focased on the bottom line, and efficiency is their new mantra.

Charles Cameron, Marketing Manager of iSpeech Technologies explains how there is finally a better way! Check your e-mailm stocks or browse the web without turning on a computer. Read, Reply, Forward or Send emails from your existing account using intuitive voice commands on the telephone anytime, anywhere in teh world without the need for a computer and an Internet connection.

Let's talk SoHo. The SoHo market has grown dramatically over the last five years. The Market has swelled from just over 6 million in 1995 to more than 8 million in 2000. Live On Line NEWS talks with Kneko Bruney, Dir. of eBusiness and Infrastructure and Services for Cahners In-Stat Group about this remarkable growth.

The travel industry has made some very noticable changes with the use of the Internet. Join Erik Blachford, Senior VP of Marketing and Live On Line NEWS as he explains how is making an impact and contributing to these changes how people make their travel arrangements from the conveinence of their pc.

The Internet is now providing a vehicle for bringing together investors seeking private investment opportunities with private emerging growth companies seeking financing by way of online technologies. Learn from David Weir, Co-President of OffRoad Capital has helped create the first - and leading - priovate securities marketplace on the Internet. By combining the discipline of the public stock market with the efficiencies of online technologies, emerging growth companies can now harness thetechnology of the Internet to archieve their goal of funding.

FreeMarkets is the leading B2B eMarketplace, bringing together buyers from the world's largest companies with supplieers from around the globe. FreeMarkets' technology and sevices have revolutionized the purchase of the goods and services that make up the majority of corporate expenditures and are most mission critical-including the materials that go into finished products.
Listen to Live On Line NEWS as we discuss B2B Exchanges / Marketplaces with Shane Tulloch, Director of FreeMarkets.

Eric Sinrod, a partner with Duane, Morris, and Heckscher LLP, talks to Live On Line NEWS about the all the fuss about Napster. Wharing files is that a crime? An Internet attorney that will discuss what all the media hype is all about.

How Do You Define Yourself -- and protect your Privacy? Are you what you read? What you wear? What you listen to? In a networked society, information about us travels at high speeds around the world. Most likely, it's being stored in the databases of companies you've never heard of. And this very private information -- your digital identity -- is not just being captured on the Internet. It's being collected in the physical world also. Deborah Pierce, Staff Attorney for EFF talks to Live On Line NEWS about buying patterns and the monitoring of your keystrokes that are being recording by unknown companies and organizations.

Beth Givens, Dirctor of Privacy Right Clearing House talks with Live On Line NEWS about your privacy on the Internet. What can you do to protect yourself and family? The Federal Trace Commission found that 97% of commercial web sites collect some form of information from those who visit those sites. and WebVan Group signed a definitive merger agreement which will make Web Van a house hold name when it comes to ordering your groceries online. Cor Karaffa, Senior VP of Operations lets Live On Line NEWS listeners know what this merger means to all of us that use the conveinence of the Internet to order in groceries.

Fred Fuchs, Executive Producer talks with Live On Line NEWS on how you'll find some of the best recipes from past seasons of Dish It Out, served weekly on this page until the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. On that weekend, the new season launches on the Food Network and the new recipes appear right here. Until then, you can watch the new shows on the Life Network. They'll be on--four per week--in the usual time slots throughout the summer.

Jodi Turek, President and Co-Founder of explains how they aggregate partner sites that often are produced by aficionados and hobbyists. A network including more than 100 niche destinations that cover everything from pregnancy to finance.

Dun & Bradstreet is the leading provider of business-to-business credit, marketing, purchasing, and receivables management and decision-support services worldwide. Customers rely upon D&B to provide the insight they need to build a prfitable, quality business relationship with their customers, suppliers, business partners - the companies they interact with every day. Alan Duckworth, Director - Product Development for Dun & Bradstreet explains how next deevelopmental steps for eCommerce - a stage that focuses more on the availibility and quality of business information rather then technological advances.

Make way for the NOMAD Jukebox! Now a device that holds up to 6 gigs of MP3's files, which is 100 CD's. Hector Marinez, Public Relations Manager for Creative Labs explains how you can have your whole entire music collection with you wherever you go.

With the development of technology at such a rapid rate, what is being done to protect the artist and the consumer. Live On Line NEWS talks with Peter Baer, Vice President of Lock Stream and the development of security for the music industry.

The growth of MP3 usage... with over 3 million MP3's to date what direction is this industry going in. Live On Line NEWS talks with Steve Curry, Spokesman for to get an insight of this rapid and contraversal sector if the industry.

With more and more people using the Internet, where are they going? Jeremy Caplan, Associate Editor to Yahoo Internet Life Magazine gives us the scoop on the trends and favorite hot spots that are being hit on the net. Live On Line NEWS talk about their anniversary cover story on just how America is using the Internet.

Where are all the kids going to on the Internet? Is Internet technology helping or hindering the education process? Listen to Robin Raskin, Editor-In-Chief and Managing Director of RamilyPC Enterprises as she talks with Live On Line NEWS about the hottest sites for Kids to go to on the Internet and how technology is developing children at a much more rapid rate then the past.

Nicki A. Ard of South Carolina was named Ms. Wheelchair America 2001 on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The vocalist was chosen from among 26 contestants for the national title. Live On Line NEWS talks with her as she describes how the Internet has made a significant impact on her life and those that have disabilities.

Heidi Van Arnem, iCan founder and CEO has made a major contribution to the Internet and is highly recognized as one of the top women CEO's in the IT industry. Listen to Heidi Van Arnem as she talks with Live On Line NEWS about her contributions and what can do for those that have disabilities. Learn how the Internet is making life much more convienent, and bringing the world to the finger tips of those that are physically challenged.

Have you ever thought that the Internet will be wired to your household appliances? Imagine having your refrigerator ordering your groceries for you online. The future of broadband technology is bringing convienence to your everyday lives. 3Com, Tom Pryzgoda, Director of Solutions Development for Consumer Solutions & Services describes the future of broadband technology with Live On Line NEWS.

What is the state of the broadband industry? What can we expect in the near future in regards to broadband technology? With technology moving at such a rapid rate, Thomas J. DeLoughry, Senior Editor for Infrastructure of Internet World Magazine gives Live On Line listeners a snap shot of the industry and what it means to online Internet users.

Next generation ecommerce? Al Nachom, Chairman, Click2Boost, explains solutions that offer revenue boosting and turnkey solutions for e-commerce companies and sales channel expansion for providers of high quality products and services through successful cross selling

Selected by PC WORLD as the "Best Online Community Site" in 1999 and by Technologic Partners as "Most Likely to Succeed" through its Investors Choice award, is a free service that gives small groups a central, private place on the Internet to communicate, organize and share. Prescott Lee, CEO of shares with Live On Line NEWS the wonderful ways people are communicating and keeping in touch by using the Internet. Listen and learn how you can share pictures and files of your loved ones miles away.

A new category of Internet infrastructure products and services that makes application service provisioning simple? Vikram Mehta Vice President - Marketing of Ensim helps service providers maximize ROI or every server, in every rack, in every data center.

Venkates Swaminathan, Founder, Executive Vice President and chief Strategist NightFire Software describes the growth of broadband technologies and the benefits that it will bring. NightFire Software, which is poised to revolutionize the way people go about ordering DSL. You may be familiar with what Sabre has done to the travel industry, powering e-commerce travel arrangements through such sites as, so NightFire will do for broadband, enabling consumers everywhere to easily order DSL services like never before.

Live on Line NEWS speaks with Mike Lowe, Senior analyst at Cahners In-Stat Group. Cahners In-Stat Group covers the full spectrum of digital communications research from technology to end-user, providing the analysis and perspective that allows technology vendors and service providers worldwide to make more informed business decisions.

Live on Line NEWS talks with Joe Harper, President & General Manager of The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, "Where the turf meets the surf". Technology is bringing wagering to the convienence of your desktop with the Del Mar live cybercast/replay show! Now you can see your prize winning horse from their Live Paddock Cam.

KGTV Interviews Barry Diamond, CEO of Internet Express about how the culprit of the chatroom threat on Columbine High School was nabbed and how your activities on line may be monitored.

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